In the latest version of BookBucket I added a feature that allows you to organize your books into lists. Especially the superorganizers among us love to make lists of things. Use it in whatever way you like. You can be creative. Some people use it to organize books by genre, others use it to keep track of their favorites or to remember which books you have lent to someone.

Creating lists is one thing, but what really gets me excited is the fact that you now can share these lists with your friends and family. So for example I have created a list of the books recommended by BookBucket. When you open this link on your iPhone or iPad it automatically opens BookBucket and shows you the list. Click “follow” to add the list to your library. When the list is updated, you’ll automatically see the new books that were added. It’s an easy way to discover new books.

You can now try this feature yourself. Just download BookBucket (it’s free) and start creating and sharing your own lists. To get you started here’s a few lists you can start following: